The First Canadian Business Immigration Magazine

We Want a Better Canada

We are not like any other magazines. We are not doing this to attract and please for the sake of maximizing profits. We are a community of experts that love to make our country better. We believe a lot can be done, and a lot can be done better. We are bold, we are opinionated, and we love a good debate. 

We are in this to build a community for a better stronger Canada.

We Are Inclusively Exclusive.

We’d love to hear from anyone that has an opinion or insight on/about our topics of interests. From Canadian policy makers to prospective immigrants, we encourage everyone to share their opinions and insights with us. We are committed to reviewing all of them but we remain strictly selective about what we publish as we believe we owe a duty to maintain a certain standard for our community. 

We Are Stories. We Want Stories.

Everyone is a story, and every story can inspire. If you are an immigrant entrepreneur willing to inspire others with your story. We’d love to hear from you.